Parish Safeguarding

St Mary and St Michael's Catholic Parish

Bonds, Garstang, UK

St ary and St Michaels Catholic Parish GarstangM

Parish Safeguarding

The safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults is paramount within our parish community.


All parishioners have a safeguarding responsibility and parish safeguarding principles are integral to all parish services, activities and events.


Under our parish code of conduct we aim to:


  • Treat all children, young people and vulnerable adults equally and with respect.
  • Engage and interact appropriately with children, young people and vulnerable adults.
  • Challenge unacceptable behaviour and provide an example of good conduct.
  • Respect a child, young person or vulnerable adult’s right to personal privacy.
  • Recognise that particular care is required in maintaining appropriate boundaries when working with children, young people and vulnerable adults. 

In accordance with diocesan policy, our parish has two appointed safeguarding representatives who have a special responsibility for promoting good and safe practices in all activities involving children, young people and vulnerable adults within the parish.


The safeguarding representatives are involved in the safe recruitment of persons to roles within the parish.  They have the responsibility for facilitating disclosure procedures at a parish level ensuring that everybody who is required to go through those procedures does so in accordance with national guidelines.


There is a parish safeguarding notice board at the back of church with key names, addresses and telephone numbers, as well as key safeguarding information.


If you are concerned about the welfare of a child or adult you should talk to one of our Safeguarding Representatives or the Diocesan Co-ordinator..

The Parish Safeguarding Representatives are:


  • Helen Forshaw          (01995) 603944
  • Mike Hoffman           (01995) 238652

The Diocesan Safeguarding Co-ordinator is Jane Robinson who can be contacted on 01772 728433.

For further information about safeguarding see at