Church Refurbishment

St Mary and St Michael's Catholic Parish

Bonds, Garstang, UK

St ary and St Michaels Catholic Parish GarstangM

Church Refurbishment

After many years of discussion, fund raising and the completion of many applications for grants, the Parish had the necessary permissions and finances to commence the Church re-roofing and associated works. The works started around the middle of July and are expected to complete towards the end of the year (assuming no major difficulties).

The barn adjacent to the former Church Inn has also been sold and so has enabled the scope of the works to be extended beyond that originally planned when the Grant Award from the Listed Places of Worship, Roof Repair Fund was made in April 2015.

The works will now include re-roofing of the complete roof to the main body of the Church, improvements to insulation levels at roof level, repair and renewal of lead work, gutters and associated works etc. The most urgent areas of the Presbytery roof will also be repaired and its heating system will be replaced.

The initial work comprised the erection of the external scaffolding and the internal safety netting.

The following images attempt to document pictorially this process.

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Once the scaffolding and safety netting were in place the removal of the tiles and inspection of the roofing timbers could begin.

The following images highlight this progress.

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