Facts & Figures

Facts and Figures

Did You Know....?

Garstang has approximately 4,000 residents.

The last official estimate of the Catholic population for Garstang (31 December 2011) was 1,650.

Average attendance at weekend Masses is 250 including children, and around 40 housebound members of the parish receive Holy Communion on a regular basis.

During 2013, there were:

21 - Baptisms

  15 - first Holy Communions

   0 - Confirmations

  6 - Marriages

13 - Deaths

The 2011 UK Census reports that 1 in 10 of the population are churchgoing.

The Archdiocese reports that 10.6% of Lancashire residents are Catholic. 

Sts Mary and Michael's  also serves: Cheshire Home; Bowgreave Rise Home; Cornmill Nursing Home; Bowers Wood Home, Abbeyfield; Westwards Rest Home.