Property & Finance

Property and Finance Group

The Property Group currently mainly exists to support the Parish Priest in highlighting and managing those issues that fall within his remit.

This also involves liaising, on occasion, with the Diocesan property office in Lancaster.

The group currently has 4 members in addition to the Parish Priest and meets on average 4 times a year. In addition, some time is also needed between meetings, planning and, arranging the outcomes of meetings.

It has been in its current format since the completion of the Church reroofing during 2016 and other works also carried out during this period to the Presbytery.

The principal buildings and assets include the Church and Presbytery, which are Grade 2 Listed, as well as the extensive Cemetery areas.

Whilst the scale of works that the Group gets involved with varies considerably it is always interesting and at times stimulating.

If you are interested and would like to join/learn more about the group, click here to send an email to with 'Property' in the Subject line.