Flower Arrangers

Flower Arranging Group

We are a group of enthusiastic parishioners who put fresh flowers in the Sanctuary area of our Church. We work on a rotational basis,with each volunteer taking a two week turn. Some of us choose to work alone,while others prefer to work with a buddy. Either way we probably only take a turn three or four times a year. There are of course traditionally no flowers in Church during Advent or Lent.

We would dearly love to have a few more volunteers join our group. Experience is by no means a necessity,but should anyone like to learn a few tricks of the trade, we can hold some workshops (with perhaps a glass of wine).

Please consider joining us and in doing so we know you will enjoy the tranquility of time spent in our Church while you use your creative skills to add brightness and colour for the Glory of God.

If you are interested and would like to join/learn more about the group, click here to send an email to  ssmm.bonds@btinternet.com with 'Flower Arrangers' in the Subject line.