Liturgy & Spirituality

Liturgy and Spirituality Group

The term “Liturgy” derives from a Greek word meaning “The work of the people”. In the Catholic church it has a fairly specific reference to the sacrifice of the Mass and the Sacraments and the form these take, as defined by the authority of the church and its traditions over the past two thousand years. Crucially, it involves the community coming together to celebrate the presence of God among us. Liturgy is not the only means of acquiring grace on our pilgrimage to heaven; we have personal prayer, devotion to Our Lady and the saints, Eucharistic Adoration and many other practices. These may overlap with Liturgy but really fall under the banner of “Spirituality”.


In 2002 the late Fr David Elder, our then newly appointed Parish Priest, was mindful of the importance of parishioners’ opinions and a need to invoke their help in preparing and organising matters liturgical and spiritual. He invited a cross section of parishioners to answer the call. The group have met four or five times each year ever since and currently comprises eight members.


Belonging to the group is not merely interesting; it is a privilege. Nevertheless, it is one open to any parishioner who is sincerely interested in being close in spirit to their fellow parishioners and, more importantly, to God.

If you are interested and would like to join/learn more about the group, click here to send an email to with 'Liturgy & Spirituality' in the Subject line.