Bishop Paul Swarbrick

Bishop Swarbrick

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Bishop Paul Swarbrick and Bishop Moses Hamungole, Bishop of Monze Diocese, Zambia, visiting our church

Bishop Paul Swarbrick

The Episcopal Ordination of the Rt Rev Paul Swarbrick as the seventh Bishop of Lancaster took place at St Peter’s Cathedral, Lancaster on Monday, 9 April 2018.

Bishop Michael Campbell, in his homily, assured the priests and people of the Diocese of Lancaster that they are "receiving a bishop who will be ministering in faith to a people of faith and as their Chief Shepherd will pass on what has come down from the Apostles."

Bishop Paul has served the Lancaster Diocese as a diocesan priest for thirty-five years, both throughout the area and for some fifteen years on loan to the Monze Diocese, Zambia.

It is a great source of pride and joy that Bishop Paul is a son of Garstang and of our parish.  Along with his three sisters and one brother he was born and brought up in the town.  His mother and father, Alice and Vincent, were well known, through their business lives and in the church, where Vincent was organist for many years.

Paul’s ordination as Bishop of Lancaster has raised Garstang’s profile in a positive way and has brought joy and pleasure throughout the community.                                                                        Continued