Cathy - Chivuna Update

St Mary and St Michael's Catholic Parish

Bonds, Garstang, UK

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Cathy Place - A Remakable Achievement

Cathy Place has demonstrated how much a young person can achieve in the name of altruism and Christian endeavour.  She has now returned from her trip to Zambia where she was able to give assistance to the mission school, visit many wonderful places and savour the feel of those places: she met so many people with whom she exchanged greetings and good wishes, including, in her ambassadorial role, those from Garstang Friends of Chivuna.  All this has been accomplished in very few months and at a time when she was preparing for university entrance.

The fund raising efforts undertaken by Cathy, commencing with her skydive, resulted in an impressive sum of over £2,000.  Some of this has gone to support poor children in their education whilst the greater amount will support the Chivuna Health Centre.

Garstang Friends of Chivuna have enjoyed hearing Cathy describe her experiences complemented by the digital photographs which she took during her travels.  The members of Garstang Catenian Association, who very kindly sponsored Cathy, have also been treated to her presentation.  We are all highly appreciative and it has been a great pleasure to support her, whilst a word of appreciation for the great support of her parents would seem very appropriate.

Cathy is soon to commence university life and will no doubt continue to be a resounding success.  We wish her this and every joy which a Christian life can provide.

Frank Carter - Chairman, Garstang Friends of Chivuna.     18 September 2014